Best Gold Trading Brokers List, Reviews & Beginners Guide 2021

Are you looking to know the Tips and Tricks that will make Gold Trading and profiting on it makes it easier? Be sure to check out this page, even if you’re seeking TOP brokers with planning to place a short-term trade with gold.


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With an objective of offering the possible BEST trading opportunities, including ultra-low spreads-fees and lightning-fast trading platforms, AssetsFX was fabricated back in early 2013. The arousing brokerage company is located in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, P.O. Box 1510, Beachmont.

  • All trading instruments are available
  • Ultra wide range of trading opportunities
  • Instant execution available


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broker logo avatrade

Avatrade Broker is considered as “Low-Risk Place for investors”, and they have a trust score of “93 out of 99.” They aren’t publicly traded, and they don’t own a bank as well.

  • Multi Language client support
  • 2-level partner program
  • 24/7 Trading


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logo broker fpmarkets

With FP Markets Broker in the house, you have got the tendency to roll with more than 13 thousand trading tools. For investors, it's a safe environment to invest and get their desired results without any obstacle coming their way.

  • ASIC regulated funding
  • Offer Webtrader
  • Accept PayPal


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broker logo icmarkets

IC Markets is now providing you more than 65 currency pairs as of now (2020) and 41 CFDs. IC Markets Broker is one of a few traders that provides you the opportunity of “Social Trading” as well with the help of the “Myfxbook” and “Zulu Trade” platform.

  • Zero fees on Deposit & Withdrawal
  • Offer Ctrader & MT5
  • Live chat 24/7


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broker logo admiralmarkets

Admiral Markets Broker is one of the most well-known and respected Forex Brokers. They are providing their traders with Currencies, Indices, and Commodities.

  • Negative balance Protection
  • Commission free accounts
  • Segregated client funds


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broker logo fbs
Very Good

Now, FBS Broker has got the interest of more than 190 countries around the globe and all thanks to the “Rules and Regulations” of CySEC and IFSC.

  • Offered 1:3000 Leverage
  • Offered local Deposit
  • Live Chat 24/7
  • Accept Bitcoin


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broker logo alpari
Very Good

Alpari Broker has a rich history and they are considered as the Pioneers of “Offering MetaTrader Platforms Suit,” such as MT4 and MT5.

  • Financial Commission (FC) Members
  • Signals from Autochartist
  • PAMM Accounts


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broker logo tickmill

Tickmill broker is regulated by the top regulatory bodies such as “CySEC, FSS, and FCA.” This marketplace for the traders is heaven for those who are eyeing on “Safest Place” for the investors.

  • Top Trading Conditions
  • Lightning-fast Execution Speed
  • No restrictions on profitability


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broker logo axiory
Very Good

Axiory Broker was established in 2012, and the idea of opening the business is to provide the Forex industry with a “Safe and Sound” atmosphere. Additionally, they are coming up with the latest technologies and advanced tools for the success of their investors.

  • Financial Commission Memmber
  • cTreader, MT$ & FIX API
  • PAMM/MAM Accounts

Gold Trading Online 2021: In today’s market, there are numerous ways to earn you profit from trading commodities, for instance, gold without having a physical form of it. 

“There’s no doubt that traders consider “Gold” as one of the

    highest-ranked trading commodities in the financial market

Probably, it’s the most effective method of trading in the money market. When the technology wasn’t “On the Hype,” gold traders would have to physically own the gold, coins, and jewelry. 

But, Gold Trading via CDFs has become one of the trendiest and easiest ways because you don’t have to physically own the gold medal. You can temporarily order to buy or sell an exact amount of gold and the profit/loss is determined by the change in “Prices” during the contract. 

Start Trading with our best “Gold Trading Brokers” and enjoy the Gold Trading benefits with regulated and award-winning brokers! To all those who are afraid of spending the “Huge Amount” in “Gold Trading,” let us share an interesting fact with you about Gold Trading and that is; it rarely experiences “Huge Volatiles.”

This is why Gold Trading has earned a name known as “Safe Haven” for the trading community. You can now figure out the answer to the question “Why people are after Gold Trading so much these days.”

  What is online Gold Trading?  

Many online platforms are now offering online Gold Trading with the best “Gold Trading Brokers,” but the question that arises in everyone’s mind is that; what exactly is online gold trading?

The answer is “Online Gold Trading is a form of currency with the Fx market because you deal with commodities like Gold, Silver and Crude Oil. When you buy online gold using any of the platforms, you always need to trade it against the US dollars.” 

In simple: You buy Gold without having it in the physical form. 

  How do you trade in Gold?  

You trade gold by buying it on the ETF’s and/or Stock Market. You can focus on these 4 tips to conquer the world of the Gold Trade. 

Note* We are listing these tips with the help of our “Gold Trading Brokers.”

  • What moves the Gold up?
  • Understanding the crowd
  • Read the Long-Term Chart
  • Choosing the venue

  What is the best investment strategy for gold trading?  

The best investment strategies for gold trading by our best “Gold Trading Brokers” are listed below:

  • Buy gold in the first quarter of the year- from (January to March)
  • Wait for the gold prices to go up
  • Place protective stop loss
  • Take the profits before the end of January because the prices may go down in the month of March

A lot of people ask the question “Why should we go the Gold Trading way when there’s Forex Trading as well.” To see the answer to the question, you need to scroll down!

  What are the advantages and disadvantages of investing in Gold?  


  • Gold is a hedge against inflation
  • Liquidity
  • Diversity 
  • Most desired commodity 
  • Hold its value for a longer period of time


  •  Not a passive investment
  • Difficult to store
  • Price correction can lead you to losses

  Comparison of Gold vs. Forex  

Gold has been always the most reliable mode of investment for centuries and why not because there’s “Least risk” involved in it. But, how are we going to differentiate between Gold and Forex trading because they have their pros and cons? 

To get the answer to the question “Which one is best for you, you need to scroll down get the answer.”

Let’s break down the benefits of trading in gold and Forex first, and then we will lead the pack with Gold vs. Forex trading to finish up the things for you. 

Benefits of trading gold

There are a lot of benefits that we can list down for you, but let us handle the mainstream ones first:

  • A long-term investment option
  • More reliable and stable than Forex and Equity
  • There are no to rare gold price manipulations throughout the global market
  • The trends of Gold’s Market are easily “Understandable”

Benefits of trading Forex

When talking about Gold Trading Brokers, it’s important that we talk about the benefits of trading Forex as well. You can’t just stay biased every time and that’s what we are good at showing you the reality.

  • You can convert the investment easily into cash
  • You’re going to witness fewer manipulations in the global market
  • Investors can easily trade in different currency derivation by just paying a portion, rather than going for the “Full-Traded Value”
  • You can hedge against political and event risks by trading in currency derivatives

 Now, it’s high time that we discuss “Gold vs. Forex” because that’s what you want to go through. 

  Comparison of Gold vs. Forex  

Whether you’re a fan of Gold Trading or Forex Trading, you can’t deny the fact; both have their own “features and factors” and you can’t outsmart the market without knowing them. 

To help you out in this regard, we are comparing everything down below:

  • Inherent Value

Gold is always the most demanding metal and one of the scarce resources that you’re going to ever find around. You’ll get it whenever you desire, but not with the price of your “dreams” because you’ll have to run with the “Market’s Price.” 

On the other hand, Forex is easy to trade as well. Carrying physical gold might be a mess for you but Gold ETFs can easily be negotiated. As mentioned earlier, currencies have intrinsic values and are easy to trade. 

  • Market Access

The best thing about “Forex” is that currency traders enjoy the 24*7 availability and five days of access to the market. You can swap your currencies anytime and take the benefits of foreign marketing activities to make adjustments in their investment portfolios. 

While all those who are investing in “Gold Trading” do not get advantages of Market access like the “Forex Traders” do. This is why we recommend you go for “Gold Trading Brokers” rather than investing in the field by yourself. 

  • Leverage

One of the best advantages that “Forex Trader” enjoys is that; you’re all allowed to invest using high degrees of leverage. But, usage of leverage is beneficial, but there’s a caution and that is “You magnify losses as much as the gains.”

A lot of “Forex Traders” consider it a good sign but if you’re experienced with the Leverages, then you might end up losing your money. 

When talking about gold, you’re not going to enjoy the “High Degrees of Leverage” because of the stable prices. 

  • Risk Management

A lot of “Gold Trading Brokers” consider Gold as a “Safe Haven” when it comes to risk management because gold is examined as the most “Stable and Reliable Commodities” in the market right now. 

Investing in Gold means that, you’re all set to earn a consistent amount with “Low-Risk Involved.” Besides gold, Forex provides you with the opportunity of earning a consistent amount that provides you with a natural hedge against the risk.

But, if you’re experienced in this field, then we recommend you to go for “Forex Trading Brokers” before you try it yourself. 

Note* It’s difficult to choose between the two, but gold is quite popular among investors because there’s low risk involved in it. You can message/email us right now to get started with Gold Trading because we have the best “Gold Trading Brokers” who are looking forward to helping you. 

  comparison of Gold vs. Silver  

Are you wondering about which commodity you should be going for? It’s because they both are precious metals and you should be thinking twice before “Open your mouth full of money” towards any of the commodities of your choice. 


Traditionally, people prefer Gold over Silver but, this might be a wild move from you because we have seen innumerable times that the price of Silver moves faster than Gold. 

We are breaking down some of the things to consider when going for “Gold or Silver Trading.” Note* All the considerations are recommended by our top-notch “Gold Trading Brokers.”

Let’s rock and roll!

Have a look at the graph below:

The Blue Color indicates the prices of Gold and the Orange Color is for the Silver Prices. The graph covers the prices from 2016 to 2018.



Due to the “Excessive Usage and Availability,” the price of Silver is more volatile than Gold. The annual supply of new silver is “1 Billion Ounces” whereas the annual supply of new Gold is “120 Million Ounces” only. 

This makes it seem like “Silver is 8 times bigger than Gold".

But, due to the low price of Silver, the annual price that silver makes is much smaller than that of Gold. 

If you don’t have a great budget and you also want to play safely in the “trading world,” then you can go for the silver. But, Gold should be the first priority if you want to earn a handsome and consistent amount. 

Silver is more affordable

We are repeating the point because buying Silver in physical form can earn you a lot of benefits because of similarities with gold. 

The following are the benefits you’re going to enjoy if you buy Physical Silver- not ETFs.

  • It’s a hard asset
  • It earns you money just like gold (Fewer Chances of Loss)
  • No counterpart risks
  • Never been defaulted on 

The best advantage of silver over gold is that; it provides you with the same benefits as gold but with lower prices. This is the reason why silver is known as “Poor’s Man Gold.”


With all the benefits of “Cost,” space is the issue that you might face if going for buying the “Physical Silver.” 

At current prices, you’d get 80% more silver than gold. If you’re planning to spend more on ETFs than buying the physical silver, then you don’t have to spend much on “Making arrangements for the storage.”

If you don’t have storage but want to go for the “Physical Metal” then Gold must be your first priority because it's costly and will not acquire more space. 

In-Short* If you don’t have enough “Money” to go for the Gold but want to spend on trading, then “Silver Trading” is the go-to option. But, contacting us for the best “Gold Trading Brokers” in order to get the recommendations and suggestions may help you choose the right path. 

As we are done with the “Forex vs. Gold” and “Gold vs. Silver” option, it’s time to answer questions related to “Gold Trading Brokers.” Let’s get started! 


Ø  Is trading gold profitable?

Yes, you can earn a profitable amount by going for gold trading. The foremost thing is “Experience in the field” and good knowledge of “Gold Market.”

Note* Checking the market prices daily, weekly, and monthly can help you invest in gold can benefit you a lot. The best time to invest in gold is “When the price of gold is low.”

Or, you can contact our gold trading brokers to get to know the gold trading meaning, gold trading strategies, gold trading platforms, and a lot more. 

Ø  What is the best time to trade gold?

The best time for investing in the gold market is “7:00 to 17:00 GMT” and that’s because the volatility is much higher and opportunities for making the profit becomes more obvious. It’s all because “Bigger Market moves up, especially in these hours.”

Ø  When should you buy Gold?

The best time to buy Gold is in the first quarter of the year from “January to March.” If you can wait for the prices to go down, then you should wait until March. Because the prices of gold are much likely to see a decline in the month of March with an average of -0.98

Ø  How can you purchase gold?

Go to any reputable online platform that is offering “Trading in Gold” and then search “Gold Bar Products.” Select the gold bars you’re planning to buy by keeping the “Weight, Price, and Quantity” in your mind. 

You’ll also enjoy discounts if you’re planning to buy gold in a large quantity. 

Ø  How do Gold Traders make money?

The Gold Traders make money by buying the gold at lower prices and selling it at higher prices. Though the process is risky, it’s worth it. 

If you want to earn money by investing in online platforms, then you should buy gold when prices are down. You’ll get the profit when you see a hike in the prices of “Gold.”

Contact our “Gold Trading Brokers” to know more!

Ø  What is the Swiss procedure in the gold trade?

The Swiss procedure in the gold trade is that; you are allowed to purchase the gold without actually owning the metal. If you’ve decided to own the expensive metal account, you’ll be given a share of a “Gold Bar.”

For more information, contact us right now because we have the best “Gold Trading Brokers” in the town. 

Ø  How much gold can you buy without reporting?

Under the law, most online firms aren’t required to report the purchase. But, the online firms can be asked questions if you’re planning to buy the Gold for more than $10,000

Ø  What is the cheapest way to buy gold?

If you’re planning to buy the gold in bulk form and that too in the “Cheap Prices” then, go for buying the “Gold Bars.” The best thing about gold bars is that they are traded daily and come up in different sizes. 

Ø  What is the relationship between the gold price and the stock market?

The relationship between the gold price and the stock market is another widely discussed topic. The “Short Answer to the question is that,” these two trades are negatively linked: When the stock market goes up, the gold prices dives, and vice versa

So, that’s all from the topic “Gold Trading” and we are hopeful that the above-written content has helped you a lot in understanding every concept related to “Gold Trading and Brokers.”

Have any questions in mind? Feel free to comment down below or contact us right now. We are ready to entertain your questions with complete guides.


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