Best Ripple Trading Brokers List, Reviews & Beginners Guide 2021

Are you looking to know everything about Ripple Trading? You’re at the right place because we have a complete guide on this topic with compared BEST 10 XRP brokers. Read more!


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broker logo avatrade

Avatrade Broker is considered as “Low-Risk Place for investors”, and they have a trust score of “93 out of 99.” They aren’t publicly traded, and they don’t own a bank as well.

  • Multi Language client support
  • 2-level partner program
  • 24/7 Trading


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logo broker fpmarkets

With FP Markets Broker in the house, you have got the tendency to roll with more than 13 thousand trading tools. For investors, it's a safe environment to invest and get their desired results without any obstacle coming their way.

  • ASIC regulated funding
  • Offer Webtrader
  • Accept PayPal


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broker logo alpari
Very Good

Alpari Broker has a rich history and they are considered as the Pioneers of “Offering MetaTrader Platforms Suit,” such as MT4 and MT5.

  • Financial Commission (FC) Members
  • Signals from Autochartist
  • PAMM Accounts


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broker logo icmarkets

IC Markets is now providing you more than 65 currency pairs as of now (2020) and 41 CFDs. IC Markets Broker is one of a few traders that provides you the opportunity of “Social Trading” as well with the help of the “Myfxbook” and “Zulu Trade” platform.

  • Zero fees on Deposit & Withdrawal
  • Offer Ctrader & MT5
  • Live chat 24/7


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broker logo admiralmarkets

Admiral Markets Broker is one of the most well-known and respected Forex Brokers. They are providing their traders with Currencies, Indices, and Commodities.

  • Negative balance Protection
  • Commission free accounts
  • Segregated client funds


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broker logo justforex

JustForex is now offering you a commission-free trading account, a wide range of assets classes, leverage up to 1:3000, and the availability of ECN Trading which is making it the first choice of every investor.

  • Practice accounts for unlimited time
  • No minimal deposit required
  • Leverage up to 1:3000


Welcome to the topic “Everything you need to know about Ripple Trading.”

Thinking about investing in other Cryptocurrencies than “Bitcoin” wasn’t anyone’s plan. But, with the inauguration of many “Digital Currencies” in the world, people are thinking about investing in alternative “Cryptocurrencies.” 

All thanks to “Ripple Trading” because it is helping the “Crypto Enthusiasts” to make millions by trading one of the best cryptocurrency in the market now. At the end of 2017, Ripple Trading was the top trend in the crypto community and all because of “Good Reasons.” 

The price of Ripple went tremendously up by 1400% in the
    a couple
months- XRP was trading at $0.03 and look where it is now

Before you head towards “Buying Ripple” out of excitement, we recommend you to read this guide in order to apprise yourself with a piece of “Cryptocurrency Knowledge.” 

In this article, we will discuss the fundamentals of “Ripple Trading,” Ripple comparison with other digital currencies, and answering “Most Asked Questions” from the search Engines. 

So, without wasting any time further, why not jumping straight to the point?

Scroll down and enlighten yourself with the light of this “Complete guide on Ripple Trading.” 
Let’s get started with the basics. 

  What is Ripple Trading?  


Ripple Technology is working on a “Centralized and Permission-Based” network. It was criticized by a lot of the “Professionals” at the start because it was completely a different idea than “Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies.”

People were raising questions like “We have centralized banks to transfer money,” then why do we need Ripple trading? 

The answer is: Ripple is providing you with the most “Secure, Fastest, and Almost No Transaction Fee” method of transferring your digital currency from one place to another. 

But again, another question that might be pinching your head is, “How come ripple a great cryptocurrency?” 

Ripple is trying to solve the “Old is Gold” method of transferring the “Funds.” For instance, the banking system performs “Hundreds of Thousands” of transactions every hour, and this makes the transfer to “Get Delay” quite often.

But, with Ripple in your town, you don’t have to worry about “Bulks of Transactions” because you’ll get it done within a fraction of seconds with “Faster and Secure Method.” 
Nowadays, Ripple is playing its hand by serving a lot of “Companies” and making their transactions “move from one end to another” in a flash. 

Another advantage that “Ripple” is providing to the “Crypto World” is that; “It provides you fast confirmation of your transactions.” Additionally, it’s very cheap to get started with, and you’ll end up getting “Consistent and Handsome Amount.”

Now, it’s high time that we discuss “Ripple Trading” comparison with other monsters of the “Digital Currency World.” Yes, we are talking about “Bitcoin and Stellar.”

Let’s talk about it!

  How much is the Ripple coin worth?  

Nowadays, the worth of a ripple coin is no more than “$0.19.” But, we have interesting facts and figures related to the Ripple coin. Here’s the table of information:

Market Ranking 



Facebook, Twitter, Xrpchat

Source Code


Market Cap


24 Hours Trading Volume


24h Low / 24h High

$0.180413 / $0.202456

All-time High

$3.40 (2 Years Ago)

XRP/Bitcoin Ration 

1 BTC = 37438.32 XRP

Isn’t the above-written information interesting and knowledgeable? Keeping these things in mind will help you a lot in the upcoming future. 

  How can you buy a Ripple coin?  


There are more than seven ways of buying “Ripple Coin,” but you must be wondering about the best one, right? Stop wondering and give the below-given steps a glance because you have everything here. 

  1. Open your account on Coinbase
  2. Verify your account
  3. Link the payment method to deposit money in your account
  4. Purchase Ripples for US Dollars
  5. You’re done

Note* We recommend you to connect your bank account rather than a credit card to avoid a “high fee.” 

You can buy Ripple coin on the following platforms too:

  • Binance
  • Changelly
  • Bitterx
  • Coinmama

  Can I withdraw money from Ripple?  

You can withdraw money from Ripple by using any of the “Crypto Exchanger,” and one of the best exchangers is “Binance.” Follow the steps to withdraw money using Binance:

  1. Head towards the official website of Binance and Sign in
  2. To withdraw XRP, click on the “Withdraw” button from the menu
  3. Now enter the number of Ripple Coin that you want to withdraw
  4. Enter your bank details and click on the withdraw button
  5. You’re done

  Ripple vs. Bitcoin  

The most awaited section of “Ripple Trading Article” has finally arrived because we are about to unleash the covers from the benefits and comparison of both the “Cryptocurrencies.” Here we go!

Benefits of Ripple


We have discussed a lot about “Ripple Trading” above, and it’s time to discuss the hidden “Benefits” of Ripple to wrap things up. Scroll down to check the research work!

  • Widespread Usage: Ripple is widely being used by companies around the globe. So, you can use Ripple as a global payment method to buy things online
  • Speed: The speed with “Ripple Completes” the transaction is “Second to none” because Ripple can perform “Hundreds of Thousands” transactions without delaying them
  • Scalability: You can enjoy 1500 transactions per second with accuracy and consistency. Ripple can work the same as a “VISA Card.” The magnificent speed gives you the confidence to choose Ripple over and over again
  • Stability: We have seen a lot of “Cryptocurrencies” going up and down, but that’s not the case with “Ripple,” and it’s more stable than any other cryptocurrency

So, these are the benefits of “Ripple” that it’s providing to the investors. Let’s talk about the advantages of “Bitcoin.”

Disadvantages of Ripple

Yes, ripple is the most prestigious cryptocurrency in the world, but there are a few disadvantages that you must keep in your mind before heading towards “Investing.”

  • All the Cryptocurrencies in the world have two features; decentralized and a cap on total- But ripple doesn’t deal with “Decentralization and A cap on total.
  • Being a cryptocurrency, it’s always important that the currency shouldn’t be handled by the third party, but “Ripple” is handled by the bank which means “Your transactions will go through a third part.” 

Advantages of Bitcoin

There are numerous advantages of “Bitcoin” because it’s the first and biggest “Cryptocurrency” that the world has ever witnessed. Let’s break down the benefits of “Bitcoin.”

  • It provides you greater liquidity when comparing with other Cryptocurrencies
  • A lot of companies now accept “Bitcoin” as a payment method to buy physical items or online shopping
  • Bitcoin has made international transactions easier than regular ways such as; Banks, Western Union, and other payment gateways
  • It generally has a low transaction fee
  • It provides you great privacy and Anonymity when compared with “Regular Currency.”

Disadvantages of Bitcoin

It will be “injustice” with Ripple Trading if we skip the part of writing cons about “Bitcoin.” Let’s talk about it. 

  • You can’t rely on the privacy of “Bitcoin” because Bitcoin has been in the headlines for getting “Frauds and scams.” So, you’ll have to be very careful when sending and receiving funds. 
  • The black-market is using “Bitcoin” for sending/receiving money because no-one will ask you for “Where did this money come from.” The reputation of Bitcoin has been damaged because of the Black money and market. 
  • In case of any scam or fraud, the Bitcoin authorities aren’t responsible. You won’t get any chargeback or refund in case of a scam. 

final result

There’s no doubt that “Ripple” provides you with great transaction speed and “Low Transaction Cost,” and that is the reason why it’s better than “Bitcoin” in this regard. But, when we talk about Bitcoin, it is generally more widespread and better than “Ripple” in a lot of other ways. 

So, it’s all about your “Needs and Wants.” 

  Ripple vs. Stellar  

You can have everything related to “Ripple” above, and we will be breaking down the advantages of “Stellar” here to cover up the topic for you. 

Benefits of Stellar

Stellar is one of the best choices for “investors” because of the market cap and daily volume that it receives. But what are the other advantages that we are going to get when investing in stellar? Scroll down and witness them!

  • Stellar is Scalable: If you’re looking for the best combination of low transaction fees and more transactions per second, then Stellar might be your best option. It provides you with the facility of performing more than 10,000 transactions within 5 seconds
  • It provides you with smart contracts: Just like Ethereum, stellar is providing you with smart contracts as well. But, it’s not providing you with the same benefits as “Ethereum” does
  • Decentralized: Stellar is decentralized and offers the users more functionality, privacy, and stability than any other Cryptocurrencies

Disadvantages of Stellar

Stellar is the only cryptocurrency that doesn’t have a lot of “Disadvantages” but there’s a great disadvantage that everyone is talking about. Let us break down to enlighten you about “what people hate about stellar.”

  • Buying the stellar can create panic and headache situation for you because it isn’t easy to buy stellar. We wish that the biggest exchangers like “Coinbase and Binance” add stellar soon to their list. 

Stellar does have benefits that other Cryptocurrencies are offering, but the above-mentioned ones are the most important. So, what do you think of “Stellar” as an individual? Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section. 

It’s time to move to your favourite section, “FAQs.” Yes, we will be answering a few of the most important “Questions” that you’ve asked from search engines. 

Here we go!

  faq - beginners ripple trading  

Frequently Asked Questions related to Ripple Trading are listed below. 

Ø  What is Ripple used for?

Ripple is a payment gateway that is used for transferring “USD, Yen, Litecoin, Bitcoin, and Other Cryptocurrencies” from one account to another. It is more like a “Digital Payment Protocol” than cryptocurrency.

Ø  Is Ripple a good investment in the future?

Ripple is reaching a new height by collaborating with different banks in the US. In 2019, the bank of America collaborated with Ripple for global payments. The company is working on collaborating with many other “Big Companies” as well. 

You can expect a lot of good news regarding “Ripple.” Yes, Ripple is a good investment for the present and future both because it provides you with consistent income. 

Ø  Is Ripple illegal?

No, Ripple isn’t illegal, but according to a recent report, “About $400 Million of Ripple Coins were involved in illegal transactions.” New York Times further explained, authorities are working hard on bringing more news about the “Illegal” transactions, and they will let us know the details soon. 

But, that doesn’t mean “Ripple” is illegal. There are hardly a few countries that aren’t allowing “Ripple” to perform transactions there. 

In short, Ripple isn’t illegal. You can use it without any obstacle coming your way.

Ø  Can I make money from mining Ripple?

No, you can’t mine Ripple and earn yourself with a “Ripple Coin.” In fact, Ripple wasn’t designed to mine because the initial goal was to act as a “Payment Gateway” and guess what? They actually achieved a lot. 

They are collaborating with “American Banks” and other companies to be used as a “Payment Option” for buying services. 

In short, you can’t use the mining process for Ripple. 

Ø  How much does it cost to mine, Ripple?

As discussed above, Ripple wasn’t designed to mine because it’s completely different from other Cryptocurrencies. 

Ø  Is mining Ripple profitable in 2021?

Mining the Ripple isn’t possible, but you can earn a lot of profit by investing in the Ripple coins. The worth of Ripple isn’t that high, and it’s a great time to invest in the coin because “the price is expected to hit $3 again by the end of 2021.”

Ø  How to mine Ripple coin on my PC?

The fact about mining ripple is that “It can’t be mined,” and this is where Ripple is different from other Cryptocurrencies. 

The ones who created Ripple have the privilege to generate ripples, and no other individual can generate or earn himself a ripple coin without buying it. There are around 100 billion XRP coins in the market, and they have already reached the maximum limit. 

Ø  How much Ripple can I mine in a day?

You can’t mine Ripple; you have to buy it in order to use them. 

Ø  Is Ripple a fork of Bitcoin?

Bitcoin and Ripple are two different “Cryptocurrencies” and have completely different goals. So, Ripple can’t be a fork of Bitcoin. 

Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency, whereas Ripple comes up with centralized cryptocurrency. You can mine Bitcoin; you can’t mine Ripple. You can send “Bitcoin to Bitcoin” to the Bitcoin holders, but you can send USD, YEN, and other Cryptocurrencies to the Ripple users. 

That’s why they both are different, completely different. 

Ø  Is Ripple a good buy?

For all the investors who are looking for an investment under $1, then Ripple is what we recommend to them because it’s cheap, profitable, and could be the best choice. Nowadays, Ripple is busy to bring revolutionary changes in changing the payment method so that you can send/receive the payments instantly. 

Soon, you’ll see Ripple gripping the banking world with its fastest way of “transferring the money.”

So, that’s all from the topic “Everything you need to know about Ripple Trading” and if you still have any questions regarding the topic, then feel free to comment down below.


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