Best Litecoin Trading Brokers List, Reviews & Beginners Guide 2021

Choosing the random Litecoin brokers to accompany the risk of losing your cash. We finalize a2z on BEST Litecoin (LTC) brokers list, reviews & trading guide.


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broker logo avatrade

Avatrade Broker is considered as “Low-Risk Place for investors”, and they have a trust score of “93 out of 99.” They aren’t publicly traded, and they don’t own a bank as well.

  • Multi Language client support
  • 2-level partner program
  • 24/7 Trading


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logo broker fpmarkets

With FP Markets Broker in the house, you have got the tendency to roll with more than 13 thousand trading tools. For investors, it's a safe environment to invest and get their desired results without any obstacle coming their way.

  • ASIC regulated funding
  • Offer Webtrader
  • Accept PayPal


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broker logo alpari
Very Good

Alpari Broker has a rich history and they are considered as the Pioneers of “Offering MetaTrader Platforms Suit,” such as MT4 and MT5.

  • Financial Commission (FC) Members
  • Signals from Autochartist
  • PAMM Accounts


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broker logo admiralmarkets

Admiral Markets Broker is one of the most well-known and respected Forex Brokers. They are providing their traders with Currencies, Indices, and Commodities.

  • Negative balance Protection
  • Commission free accounts
  • Segregated client funds


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broker logo icmarkets

IC Markets is now providing you more than 65 currency pairs as of now (2020) and 41 CFDs. IC Markets Broker is one of a few traders that provides you the opportunity of “Social Trading” as well with the help of the “Myfxbook” and “Zulu Trade” platform.

  • Zero fees on Deposit & Withdrawal
  • Offer Ctrader & MT5
  • Live chat 24/7


Welcome to the topic “Everything you need to know about Litecoin Trading.”

Those days are gone when “Traditional Banks” were used to send/receive money to every corner of the world. Cryptocurrencies have finally started to roll this “Digital Era,” and guess what? Investors are now taking Cryptocurrencies seriously. 

Bitcoin has paved a roadmap for many Cryptocurrencies after the launch in 2019, and this is why we are witnessing a lot of “Cryptocurrencies” progressing nowadays. 

 When talking about different Cryptocurrencies, Litecoin Trading is

            one of the best cryptos that “Investors are trusting”  and going for


There are numerous reasons why investors are after Litecoin Trading.  A lot of people are still confused about “Which way should they be going”, whether to go the Litecoin Trading way or “Shall they stick to Bitcoin Trading.”

We are writing this guide to shed light on the topic “Litecoin Trading.”

Let’s get started!

But before we get started, how about writing interesting facts about Litecoin that most people don’t know about.

Here are them!

  Interesting Litecoin trading Facts  

  • Litecoin is purely the idea of “Ex-Employee” of Google, and his name is “Charlie Lee.”
  • Litecoin was introduced in the market of Cryptocurrency in 2013 with the help of “Bitcoin’s” code 
  • Just after the launch of Litecoin, they did a massive business of more than “$1 Billion.”
  • According to the US Equity Research, the growth of Litecoin is expected to grow 33% by 2023

So, that’s all from the interesting Litecoin facts section; it’s time to start from the basics and let you know about “What Litecoin Actually is.”

Let’s get started!

  What is Litecoin?  


Litecoin is just like “Bitcoin,” which is used to send/receive money from other people. It’s an open-source payment gateway that is completely decentralized (No involvement of the third party) and prestigious Cryptocurrency in the global village. 

Talking about the popularity, then Litecoin is considered as one of the best Cryptocurrencies after Bitcoin and Ethereum. The aim of “Litecoin” was to provide “Assistance” to those who can’t invest in Bitcoin because of many reasons. 

If we dig deep Litecoin more then, it has more than 84 million active tokens roaming around the globe, and they have reached the limit already. Additionally, the transaction time four times less than “Bitcoin,” and the company is working on a motto “Let’s make Litecoin trading easy and simple.”

So, that’s all from the topic “What is Litecoin,” and it’s time to move on to the comparison of the biggest giants “Litecoin and Bitcoin.” In order to understand things more clearly, you need to focus on “Every Single Detail Provided Below.”

Let’s rock and roll!

  How do I buy Litecoin?  

Buying Litecoin is as easy as buying food from the shop. Follow the steps given below:

  1. Head towards the official website of coinbase
  2. Create an account and verify it
  3. After the verification, enter the details of your bank to transfer money to your coinbase account
  4. Now, buy Litecoin with the deposited money 
  5. You’re done

  How do I sell a litecoin?  

Selling Litecoin isn’t a big problem, and you can do it by following the steps that we are breaking right now. 

  1. Open your Binance or Coinbase account
  2. Convert your Litecoin into Bitcoin first
  3. Now enter the amount you want to sell 
  4. Click on “Sell Litecoin” after entering the details

Note* Make sure to double-check the provided “Bank Information” before you click on the “OK” button. 

  Litecoin vs. Bitcoin  


You must be wondering about “What are the key differences between these two?” and “How are they different from each other?” You’ll have everything in your “Box” after scrolling down and giving a brief look at the comparison table below. 



Purpose: To help people enjoy the upgraded version of Cryptocurrency

Purpose: To provide the world with Decentralized Digital Currency

Founded: Litecoin was founded in 2011, but they announced it in Oct 2013.

Founded: Bitcoin was founded in 2009

Name of the Founder: Charlie Lee

Name of the Founder: Satoshi Nakamoto

Market Cap: $15 Billion

Market Cap: $250 Billion

Current Price: 38 Dollars

Current Price: 6,161 Dollars

Method of Mining: GPU 

Method of Mining: ASCI

Initial Distribution Method: Mining

Initial Distribution Method: Mining


Let’s now talk about the benefits of these two and then wrap up the things with the conclusion. 

Benefits of Litecoin


  • Handling a large number of transactions isn’t a problem for Litecoin, and you can get it done within seconds
  • There’s less competition in the “Litecoin Market” as they have more than 84 billion tokens and the number might exceed the limit in the future
  • Mining Litecoin is easier than “Bitcoin,” and all you need is a “Powerful Computer.” Follow the instructions and consider the mining done
  • Another benefit is the “Flexibility,” which means that you can purchase this Cryptocurrency by using other Cryptocurrencies exchange platforms like “Binance, CoinBase, and Cryptopia.”

But, to earn yourself a coin through mining, you must have a piece of knowledge about “Private Keys” and how things work. 

Benefits of Bitcoin

It provides you greater liquidity when comparing with other Cryptocurrencies

  • A lot of companies now accept “Bitcoin” as a payment method to buy physical items or online shopping
  • Bitcoin has made international transactions easier than regular ways such as; Banks, Western Union, and other payment gateways
  • It generally has a low transaction fee
  • It provides you great privacy and Anonymity when compared with “Regular Currency.”

final words

They both are using the same technology, but Litecoin has the edge over “Bitcoin” because they are providing you “Quick Transactions and Less Transaction Fee.” Also, Litecoin provides you full control of your money, whereas “the case is completely different from Bitcoin.”

By keeping all the benefits in mind, you can start things off in the world of “Cryptocurrency” and if you need any help regarding “Litecoin Trading” then contact us right now. We are available 24/7.

Now, let’s compare Litecoin with Ethereum. 

  Litecoin vs. Ethereum  

As we have discussed, a lot of Litecoin before and discussing the same story again might waste your time. Let’s go directly to the benefits of Ethereum and then end up things by giving a “glance” at the conclusion. 

Benefits of Ethereum

  • Ethereum is using “BlockChain” technology, which is the same as “Litecoin and Bitcoin.”
  • It enables you to enjoy “Smart Contracts.” A smart contract means that you can assign the task to anyone under certain conditions.
  • You can run any kind of “Computer Programs” on the Ethereum Platform because it is a “Software Building Program” where you can build programs of your choice
  • All the applications are decentralized, and you can get advantages like; open-source, autonomous, Secure, Easy to use, and 100% up-time

final words

Ethereum and Litecoin are completely different platforms because “Ethereum” encourages the developers to use their platform for using “Decentralized Application.” Also, Ethereum allows you to buy the applications and privileges by using their own Cryptocurrency. 

On the other hand, Litecoin is a completely different package. You can send/receive and do mining with Litecoin. So, you need to plan well before investing in “Ethereum or Litecoin” because your “needs and wants” matter the most. 

It’s now time to answer a few questions that you’ve been asking the “Search Engines” for so long. Let’s Endeavour to answer FAQs. 

  FAQ - beginners litecoin trading  

Frequently Asked Questions related to Litecoin Trading are listed below.

Ø  Is Litecoin a currency or investment?

Litecoin is a “Digital Currency” platform like “Bitcoin” that allows you to send/receive money in the form of coins. So, yes, it’s a currency, and you can invest in it in order to earn a “Huge and Consistent Amount,” but it’s not easy as it looks. 

You need to have a great knowledge of “Cryptocurrency” before you invest in it. Otherwise, you’re asking for trouble. 

Ø  Where can I trade litecoin?

You can trade your Litecoin on “Coinbase,” and all you’ve to do is to create an account on “Coinbase” and start trading Litecoin. 

With the help of “Coinbase,” you can receive/send money to any individual in the world and can withdraw your money directly to the bank account. So, trading Litecoin is as easy as you like. 

Ø  Is litecoin a good investment?

Yes, Litecoin is considered one of the best investments you ever come across in the world of “Digital Currency.” Litecoin has been rolling since 2011, and investors are trading Litecoin right from the day first because they are earning the “Handsome and Consistent” amount. 

So, we would recommend you to go for “Litecoin.”

Ø  What will litecoin be worth in 2021?

Currently, one Litecoin is equal to $61, and according to the experts, Litecoin may drop by 20% in the month of May. But, on asking the question, “What will litecoin be worth in 2021?” then they replied, “It can reach up to $165.”

So, what are you waiting for? Open your account on “Coinbase” now and start investing. You can ask us for assistance because our “Litecoin Trading Experts” are already waiting for your message. 

Ø  Is litecoin better than Bitcoin?

If we talk realistically, then there’s no “Digital Currency” bigger and popular than Bitcoin because of the Market Cap. But, when we talk about technology, then Litecoin is far better than “Bitcoin.” The transaction speed is four times faster than Bitcoin, and the transaction fee is “less” than Bitcoin, which makes the “Litecoin” fans stick only to “Litecoin” and invest in it. 

Ø  Is now a good time to buy litecoin?

As discussed above, the prices of “Litecoin” may drop by 20% in the month of “May,” and May is going to be the best month to buy Litecoin. 

After “May,” the prices will go up, and there’s no one stopping Litecoin. 

Ø  Do I need an exchange account to trade litecoin?

Yes, you must have “Coinbase” or “Binance” accounts to trade Litecoin. Sending/receiving the money on these platforms is easy. 

Ø  What are litecoin’s trading hours?

The regular hours of “Trading Litecoin” are from 9:30 am to 4:15 pm (ET). But, the time can get extended to 6:00 pm (ET).

Ø  What is litecoin’s ticker symbol?

Litceoin’s ticker symbol is “LTC” and commonly written as “LTC-USD.” This symbol was approved right after the launch of “Litecoin” in 2013, and people have started to use it since then. 

Ø  Can I add trading alerts to litecoin?

Yes, even you can add a trading alert to all the Cryptocurrencies in the world. You can adjust certain levels or points to get yourself notified for every single move. 

Ø  Can I trade litecoin on mobile?

Have you heard of “IG Trading” before? If not, then you can download it on your phone and login to your account in order to trade Litecoin on mobile. It’s available for “Android and IOS.”

Ø  How many Litecoin are there?

There are currently “84 Million” litecoin are roaming around the globe, and if we compare the numbers of Litecoin with Bitcoin, then Litecoin has four times “more” coins than Bitcoin. 

Ø  Does Litecoin have a limit?

Just like any other Cryptocurrency except Ethereum, Litecoin does have a limit. The limit of “Litecoin” is 84 million coins, and they have already reached the milestone. 

Ø  How much Litecoin can you mine a day?

If you’ve got a powerful machine, then you can mine up to 0.54LTC a day. The daily income is going to be 20 dollars, and if you don’t have any electrical problems, then you can enjoy mining it. 

Ø  Can I mine Litecoin with my PC & Phone both?

No, you can mine on PC only because there’s no phone developed yet that is powerful enough to mine any cryptocurrency. 

Ø  How fast can I mine Litecoin?

Mining Litecoin is faster as compared to “Bitcoin,” and you can get yourself connected with the “Blockchain” within 2 minutes. 

So, that’s all from the topic “Everything you need to know about Litecoin Trading,” and if you’ve any questions, feel free to comment down below. 


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