BEST Ethereum Brokers List, Reviews & Beginners (ETH) Trading Guide 2021

Are you looking to know everything about Ethereum Trading? You’re at the right place because we have a complete guide on this topic with compared BEST 10 ETH brokers. Read more!


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Welcome to the topic “everything you need to know about Ethereum Trading & BEST Brokers Comparisons in 2021.”

Nowadays, Ethereum has become one of the trendiest and the most demanding cryptocurrencies, and that too for good reasons. 

In this world of Cryptocurrencies, where giants like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash,

    and Dash are dominating the market, Ethereum is giving tough time to them

If you want short-term and real-world benefits, then “Ethereum is your way to go!” But, if you’re new to cryptocurrency and want to know the core and basic concepts of “Ethereum Trading,” then we’ve got your back. 

Learning about Cryptocurrencies trading isn’t rocket science. All you’ve to do is to read the content right from start to end, and you’ll end up knowing “Massive” things about Ethereum. 

In this article, we will enlighten you about “What is Ethereum Trading, How it works, What are the risks involved, and how to get started.” 

Without wasting any time further, let’s rock and roll!

  What Is Ether?  

According to the official website of Ethereum, Ether is the crypto-fuel used for the Ethereum Network. 

In short,* Ether is a currency/money that works as a payment on Ethereum Network. Yes, discussing what is Ether before discussing what “Ethereum” is important because you should know every “Bits and Piece” of Ethereum Trading. 

1 Ether= 124 US Dollars

Ether can be used to buy “Ethereum Services” and Software from the official website. In addition to that, there are few factors that make the prices of Ether go up and down. To understand the whole concept, you need to scroll down and continue reading. 

  What is Ethereum trading?  

Now, this is where you need to stay attentive and excited to learn the core concepts of “Ethereum Trading.”

Basically, Ethereum is a platform that helps you to create and use a decentralized application built on Ethereum. 

Let’s make the answer easier for you. 

You must have heard about Microsoft Windows and macOS, right? Ethereum is software that works as Microsoft Windows and macOS, but the only difference is that “It’s online.” 

“The main aim of the Ethereum is to convince people
           to build decentralized applications on this platform

When you create a decentralized application on Ethereum, you’ve to pay the platform a small amount for the storage services in the form of “Ether” instead of the US Dollar or your own currency. 

The difference between other web applications and Ethereum Decentralized Applications is that the Ether and applications are open for everyone, secure and speedy than any other web applications, and free from censorships. This is why all the applications built on Ethereum are decentralized. 

Understood the concept of “What is Ethereum” and “What is Ether,” right? 

If you still have any questions in mind regarding “What is Ethereum,” then you may ask us by commenting down below. 

Let’s move to something more interesting. 

  Is Ethereum a Cryptocurrency?   

When we look at the definition, then we all know Ethereum is a software platform that allows you to build web applications on it and use it. 

But, you really need to have a currency known as “Ether” to buy computational resources to run an application on Ethereum. So, if you’ve plans to build a decentralized application on Ethereum, then “Ether” is a must thing to keep. 

Just like all the other digital currencies, it doesn’t require any third party to process the payment. However, it has one more benefit, and that is; working as a “fuel” for the application on the Ethereum Platform. 

If you want to make changes in the application or want more storage, you’d need to pay Ether in order to get whatever you desire. 

As we are done with discussing the topic “Is Ethereum a Cryptocurrency,” it’s high time that we discuss the benefits of Ethereum Trading to help you know more about it:

  Benefits of Ethereum  

There are a lot of benefits that Ethereum is providing to the users. Let’s have a look at them!

  • Data Coordination
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Permission  Networks 
  • Network Size
  • Private Transactions
  • Scalability and Performance

Let’s break down more interesting facts and benefits of Ethereum to keep things exciting and interesting. 

  • Ethereum has 14k+ active nodes
  • It has 40k+ unique addresses
  • More than 1,900+ decentralized applications are waiting for you on the platform
  • 250k+ developers
  • 500k+ daily transactions making the platform speedy, secure and reliable to use

Every good thing has a few drawbacks as well, and that’s why we have decided to write a few disadvantages of Ethereum as well. Let’s rock and roll!

  Drawbacks of Ethereum  


A few of the most concerning drawbacks of Ethereum are listed below:

  • Ethereum is a software platform, and it was never designed to work the same as other “Cryptocurrencies,” so Ethereum isn’t acting as a “Ledger.” Instead, you can count Ethereum in many categories such as; Software builder/Ledger/Contract Creator and a lot more.
  • Another drawback that “Ethereum” has is “lack of tutorials.” Yes, Ethereum isn’t an easy platform to learn and build applications on this platform. You can find a lot of tutorials on “Youtube,” but they are outdated or teaching you a conceptual understanding of the platform. 

They really need to work on the “Tutorial” thing because a lot of people want to join “Ethereum,” but they have no clue what to do after they make an account on this platform. 

  Should I sell Ethereum?  

The answer to this question is pretty simple. 

If you have achieved the goals that you aimed for, then you should sell Ethereum. If you need the money and you can’t hold it, then you should sell Ethereum. 

But, we would suggest you hold Ethereum as long as you can because “Ethereum” is a platform with great potential. 

In short,* You shouldn’t sell your Ethereum if you can HOLD it because the worth of your investment is going to see the “Hike” in the coming years. 

  Ethereum vs. Bitcoin  

Now, this is the most asked question from the search engines, and we have decided to write on this topic to enlighten you about “Ethereum vs. Bitcoin”.

Benefits of Ethereum

  • It has a better-decentralized infrastructure than any other cryptocurrency
  •  The size of Ethereum is comparable with Bitcoin because it has millions of users all around the globe
  • Extra privacy is provided to you with the “Extra Transactional Privacy Layer.”
  • Scalability and Performance is what people love about the Ethereum platform
  • Ethereum is an open-source

Benefits of Bitcoin 

  • It has great liquidity than Dash and other cryptocurrencies
  • Outlets, Companies, and Stores have started to accept bitcoin
  • An international transaction is easy and quick than regular currency
  • The transaction fee is lower than the bank transfer
  • Provides you great privacy when it comes to transactional data

Ethereum is a software platform and Bitcoin is a completely different platform, so if you need more options then you can go for Ethereum, but if you want to limit yourself to cryptocurrency, then Bitcoin is the way. 

  Ethereum vs. Litecoin  

As we have discussed the benefits of Ethereum above, it’s time to discuss the benefits of Litecoin to enlighten you about this cryptocurrency. 

Benefits of  Litecoin

  • They can apply new changes and upgrades without any obstacle coming their way
  • They are known for providing privacy to your transaction and account data
  • They took the “Code” of Bitcoin and ended up making the best version of Cryptocurrency
  • They provide you with full control of your account money

If you want a platform where you can use the software of your choice, then Ethereum is the way to go, but if you want to invest “a small amount of money” in cryptocurrency, then Litecoin is what we recommend. 

Now, it’s time to talk about the most asked questions regarding the topic. 

  FAQ - Beginners ethereum trading  

A few of the frequently asked questions regarding Ethereum are listed below:

Ø  Is Ethereum a currency?

Yes, Ether is a currency that is used to buy services on the “Ethereum Platform.” You can’t use Dollars or other local currency on this software platform, and one should have Ether to make changes in the decentralized applications that they are using. 

1 Ether= 124 US Dollars

Ethereum and other Cryptocurrencies are similar in many ways, such as; you don’t need any third party to process the payment, you can trade the digital currency via online exchanges, and you can use different cryptocurrency wallets to store them as well. 

Ø  How is Ethereum different than Bitcoin?

As discussed earlier above, Bitcoin acts only as a ledger, and it’s nothing more than a currency, but that’s not the case with Ethereum. 

Ethereum is a software platform that a lot of companies are using to build new programs. Both Bitcoin and Ethereum are using the same technology “Blockchains” to operate their channels, but Ethereum is more robust than Bitcoin.

1 Bitcoin= 45.11 Ether

So, if you want something more than a currency, then Ethereum is the way to go. But, if you’re planning to invest in the “Digital Currency” only, then no one in the world can beat “Bitcoin” for now.

Let’s move to the next questions:

Ø  What is Ethereum being used for? 

Ethereum has a lot of uses, and people are using it for the purpose they love the most. 

Yes, now you can buy software and build new programs on the Ethereum platform by using the “ether” and get control of new kinds of applications. 

You can also transfer the money to your friend using the Ethereum platform, and the money is accessible anywhere in the world. 

But, Ethereum nowadays is limited only to “Buying New Software and Applications” because there are hundreds of other platforms that are focusing only on “digital currency” rather than focusing on multiple things. 

If you want to focus only on “Crypto,” then go for Bitcoin, but if you want “a lot of options,” then Ethereum is your companion. End of story!

Ø  Is Ethereum the future?

Basically, Ethereum was launched back in 2015, and the main purpose of this platform is to provide you with Decentralized Applications and Smart Contracts to be built.

You can run the applications and software without any downtime, fraud, hacking, and interference from a third party. You’ll have to buy the services, controls, and manipulation by using the currency “Ether,” and Ethereum does not accept any other currency such as the US Dollar or Euro. 

Ethereum is upgrading the platform every month with the new changes and introduction of new features. That means they are working hard to beat the competition of both “Web Application Platform and Crypto Platforms.”

So, you can say that Ethereum is going to be a “Next Big Thing” in the coming time, but their competitors are doing a great job already. 

Ø  How many Ethereum are there? 

Are you excited to know the answer to this question? We know your curiosity. 

There are around 96 million ethers that are currently circulating in the global village, and 5 new Ethers are created about every 14-15 seconds. That means, there’s no limitation of Ether coin like other Cryptocurrencies.

Software Genre: Blockchain

Let’s move to the next question linked with Ethereum Trading. 

Ø  What will Ethereum be worth in 2020?

According to the officials' report, Ethereum is eyeing getting the worth of Ethereum up-to $300. It seems like Ethereum has joined the party after witnessing a lot of “Digital Currencies” going down. 

They are working extremely hard to earn their investors with great profit. So, investing in Ethereum in 2020 will always be a great option. 

Ø  How many Ethereum coins are left?

We have discussed the matter earlier as well, but let us take the covers off from the answer again. Ethereum never set a limit for the Ether Coins, and this is why more than 96 million coins are circulating in the market right now. Ethereum is going super strong that they are producing 5 Ether Coins every 14-15 seconds. 

So, the misconception and confusion regarding the question must have vanished away. And, it’s time to move to the next question. 

Ø  Does Ethereum have a limit?

Currently, Ethereum has no policy of any limit, and according to their official website, they have capped the limit of producing eighteen million ether per year. 

Ether follows the same procedure as Bitcoin, and you’ll get the increments/benefits at the end of every year. 

Ø  How many ETH can you mine a day?

It totally depends on “which system are you using” for mining the ETH. But, if you've got a great system, then you can mine 0.03937040 per day

If you want to mine ETH and are looking for a complete guide from the Ethereum Trading Broker, then you can contact us right now. We will guide you properly.

Ø  Can I mine Ethereum with my PC & Phone both?

You can mine Ethereum only with the required hardware and software they are demanding for. So, you can mine Ethereum on your PC, but not on your phone because there’s no phone available that could meet the requirements of mining Ethereum.

So, that’s all from the topic “Everything you need to know about Ethereum Trading,” and if you have any questions in mind, then don’t forget to post them in the comment section. 

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