Best Bitcoin Cash Trading Brokers List, Reviews & Beginners Guide 2021

Are you looking to know everything about Bitcoin Cash Trading? You’re at the right place because we have a complete guide on this topic with compared BEST 10 BCH brokers. Read below!


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broker logo avatrade

Avatrade Broker is considered as “Low-Risk Place for investors”, and they have a trust score of “93 out of 99.” They aren’t publicly traded, and they don’t own a bank as well.

  • Multi Language client support
  • 2-level partner program
  • 24/7 Trading


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logo broker fpmarkets

With FP Markets Broker in the house, you have got the tendency to roll with more than 13 thousand trading tools. For investors, it's a safe environment to invest and get their desired results without any obstacle coming their way.

  • ASIC regulated funding
  • Offer Webtrader
  • Accept PayPal


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broker logo admiralmarkets

Admiral Markets Broker is one of the most well-known and respected Forex Brokers. They are providing their traders with Currencies, Indices, and Commodities.

  • Negative balance Protection
  • Commission free accounts
  • Segregated client funds


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broker logo icmarkets

IC Markets is now providing you more than 65 currency pairs as of now (2020) and 41 CFDs. IC Markets Broker is one of a few traders that provides you the opportunity of “Social Trading” as well with the help of the “Myfxbook” and “Zulu Trade” platform.

  • Zero fees on Deposit & Withdrawal
  • Offer Ctrader & MT5
  • Live chat 24/7


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broker logo justforex

JustForex is now offering you a commission-free trading account, a wide range of assets classes, leverage up to 1:3000, and the availability of ECN Trading which is making it the first choice of every investor.

  • Practice accounts for unlimited time
  • No minimal deposit required
  • Leverage up to 1:3000


You might have heard about Bitcoin before, but do you know anything about Bitcoin Cash Trading?

Probably not!

It is because social media, traditional marketing channels, and other sources are focusing mainly on “Bitcoin Trading” only. If we state both of them as “Crypto Titans,” then it won’t be wrong. 

Did you know that Bitcoin Cash originated from Bitcoin itself? That’s absolutely right because Bitcoin cash nodes were once the part of Bitcoin.

“Additionally, Bitcoin cash is the Branch of Bitcoin”

But, there might be few questions that you must be wondering about, for instance, which way should I be going for investing? Why Bitcoin Cash Trading? What is the difference between Bitcoin Cash vs. Bitcoin? Our team is here to answer all of the questions. 

Before we jump directly to the comparison, we will cover the section “Bitcoin and its Background.” Then we will discuss “What fork is” and then lead the pack with the comparison and other Frequently Asked Questions. 

But, if you’re already familiar with Bitcoin and the background linked to it, you can scroll down for a couple of seconds to reach down to your “Favorite Segment.”

Let’s get started!

  What is Bitcoin?  


Bitcoin is the first-ever cryptocurrency, and a lot of people in the world are now investing heavily in it. But still, most people are unaware of Bitcoin because of many reasons. 

Bitcoin isn’t difficult to understand, and if we make you understand the concept of Bitcoin in one line, then it would be “It’s just like the real currency; you can sell it, buy it, trade for goods, and do whatever you want to do with it.” 

Also, it isn’t controlled, owned, or issued by a single party, and there’s no “Central Office” or “Party” handling the transactions. 

For instance, the US dollar is issued and handled by the Government of the US and the banks. In this case, the “Central Office” or “Central Unit” is the US Government and the bank. When you’re transferring any funds to your “Known Ones,” you’re relying completely on the banks to process your funds.

But, that’s not the case with Bitcoin because it isn’t controlled or handled by a “Central Authority.” The transactions made by you are verified by the computers that run the “Blockchains.” These computers can be owned by you or anybody. 

Your transactions are stored and submitted in the Blockchains. The computer will verify your transaction by solving “Different Math Problems.” Once the problem is solved, the transactions in the Blockchains are verified, you’ll be awarded a new “Bitcoin.” The Bitcoin will be given to the computer that solved the “Math Problem.” This whole process is known as “Mining.”

On searching the “Official Website of Bitcoin,” we get to know another interesting fact, and that is, the total number of Bitcoin that will ever exist is limited to “21 Million.”

And guess what? There is around 16 million Bitcoin already. But, it will take a “Long Long Time” to reach the limit. 

The value of Bitcoin is increasing day by day because people are trying to get their hands on Bitcoin in order to earn the “Handsome and Consistent Amount.” With so many people investing in cryptocurrency, the value of Bitcoin is increasing. That is the reason why everyone is going crazy about Bitcoin. 

Let’s talk about “Bitcoin Cash” now. 

  What is Bitcoin Cash?  


Just like Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash is another cryptocurrency that is currently “Trending” and giving benefits to the ones investing in it. This cryptocurrency was launched at the end of 2016, and it was created through Bitcoin mining. 

Bitcoin was trying to make some changes, but few of the developers couldn’t come to an agreement regarding the “New Updates and Changes.” So, a group of small developers forked Bitcoin to create a “Whole new version of Bitcoin” with the same code but with few modifications. 

Now, let’s talk about “Bitcoin cash vs. Bitcoin,” so that you can choose between the two easily!

  How do I buy Bitcoin Cash?  

Buying Bitcoin Cash is easy, and you’ve to follow the steps in order to buy one:

  1. Find a seller that is dealing with Bitcoin cash trading
  2. Now select the number of coins that you want to buy and place an order
  3. Receive account numbers from the seller and deposit cash into that account
  4. Now “Upload the Receipt” as a proof that you made the deposit/trade
  5. You’ll receive Bitcoin Cash within no time

  Bitcoin Cash vs. Bitcoin  

We will be breaking down the benefits of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, and then will come up with a final conclusion. Let’s start with Bitcoin benefits first. 

Benefits of Bitcoin

  • Lower fraud risks involved when buying the Bitcoin because you don’t have to come up with sensitive information (Credit Card, Bank Details or any other information) to the buyer
  • With Bitcoin, you don’t have to deal with inflation. So, you shouldn’t be worrying about “Decrease in purchasing” because inflation will not interfere in Bitcoin
  • You’re going to face “Less Deduction” when sending the Bitcoin to anyone as compared to bank transfers
  • You can make a transaction anytime because it’s available 24*7
  • There’s no involvement of the third party as discussed above

Let’s break down the benefits of Bitcoin Cash now: 

Benefits of Bitcoin Cash

Let’s break down a few advantages of Bitcoin Cash:

  • The fee of Bitcoin Cash is cheaper than Bitcoin that is (0.20$) per transaction
  • Bitcoin cash is faster when compared to Bitcoin because you don’t have to wait for 10 minutes to verify your Bitcoin transaction
  • With Bitcoin Cash in the town, you can process more transactions per second. 

That’s all because; Bitcoin is eight times bigger than Bitcoin cash, and this is why the processing of Bitcoin is slower than Bitcoin Cash. 

Final Words

Bitcoin cash trading has become easier and faster than “Bitcoin” because they have fewer problems with scaling and low transaction fees. 

Bitcoin cash is a project with “High Goals” and “Bigger Ambitions” because they really want to replace Bitcoin from the top spot. But, that’s not going to happen soon because “Bitcoin is eight times bigger than Bitcoin Cash.”

The developers of Bitcoin Cash have made the Bitcoin Cash Trading easier. They are doing everything to convince the investors of Bitcoin to move from Bitcoin to Bitcoin Cash because Bitcoin cash trading is fast, reliable, and cheap. 

Now, it’s time to move to the next comparison, and that is “Bitcoin Cash vs. Litecoin.” So, without wasting any further time, let’s discuss them. 

As you know, the benefits of Bitcoin Cash now, we will only be breaking the benefits of “Litecoin.”

Benefits of Litecoin


  • Processing is performed faster than Bitcoin and is equal to the Bitcoin Cash
  • The total numbers of Litecoin coins are 84 billion, which is almost four times bigger than the “Coins Production of Bitcoin.” In short, Litecoin is the place to get greater profit and less competition when it comes to mining
  • Litecoin is using the “Scrypt Algorithm,” which is safer than the “Hashing Algorithm.”
  • You can easily purchase Litecoin using other currencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, etc. Litecoin is compatible with the exchange platforms like Coin base, Cryptopia, and few small platforms

Final Words

Litecoin has the same benefits when compared to Bitcoin Cash Trading, but the only drawback Litecoin has is that; it is more energy-consuming for mining and earning yourself a secure coin. Otherwise, Litecoin is a great option if you don’t have any energy problems. 

Now, it’s time to answer a few of the most asked questions regarding the topic “Bitcoin Cash trading.” Let’s get started!

  faq - beginners bitcoin cash trading  

People ask a lot about Bitcoin Cash Trading, and we have decided to clear your thoughts regarding those questions. To see the answers, you need to scroll down a little bit!

Ø  Is Bitcoin Cash the new Bitcoin?

Bitcoin Cash is a new currency which is known as the “Fork of Bitcoin.” Bitcoin Cash was launched at the end of 2016 but became popular in 2018-19, and it’s now becoming the “First Choice” for those who can’t afford to invest in Bitcoin. 

Here’s more information regarding Bitcoin Cash:

  • Development Implementations: Bitcoin ABC, and Bitcoin Unlimited
  • Development Status: Active
  • Split from: Bitcoin 
  • Split Ratio: 1:1 

Ø  Is Bitcoin Cash better than Bitcoin?

You can’t say “Bitcoin Cash is better than Bitcoin” because Bitcoin is the world’s leading and top cryptocurrency. But, the transaction rate in Bitcoin cash is as low as (0.20$ per transaction), which means that you can save more money when using Bitcoin Cash. 

Additionally, you don’t have to wait for 10 minutes to approve your transaction because Bitcoin cash can handle more transactions per second than Bitcoin actually does. 

Ø  What do you think is the potential of Bitcoin Cash?

According to our perspective, Bitcoin cash has high potential as compared to Bitcoin because if you look at the fundamentals of Bitcoin, they are weaker than Bitcoin Cash. Small blocks in Bitcoin mean that “You’ll have to pay more,” but on the other hand, you don’t have to pay much for the transactions made on Bitcoin cash. 

In short,* Bitcoin Cash is going to be popular in the coming days if BTC didn’t fix the issue. 

Ø  How do I convert Bitcoin Cash to Bitcoin?

You can convert Bitcoin Cash to Bitcoin anytime by using a famous exchange platform known as “,” and they accept more than 250+ Cryptocurrencies and more than 6000+ pairs to exchanges. So, head towards that website, if you want to convert Bitcoin Cash to Bitcoin.

Ø  Will Bitcoin cash flourish?

Yes, it will, and that’s because Bitcoin has not “Tax” involved in it, and according to a new, Bitcoin holders will be given 0.1/2 Ratio share. If that happens, you’ll see Bitcoin in the news for a “Good Reason” again. 

Ø  What is the price prediction for Bitcoin Cash?

According to the forecast, the price of Bitcoin Cash is going to be 225$ in June 2020, and by the end of the year, you’ll see the price going up to 297$. Isn’t it amazing? 

Start investing in the Bitcoin cash to earn a handsome amount because Bitcoin Cash Trading is going to be the “next big thing.”

Ø  Can I short bitcoin cash?

Yes, you can short Bitcoin cash by borrowing BTC on Bitmex, Bitfenix, or Poloniex by signing an agreement that you’ll pay it back sooner or later. 

Ø  What is the smallest Bitcoin cash (BCH) unit?

The smallest Bitcoin Cash Unit is “Satoshi.” A lot of people say Satoshi is only used for Bitcoin, but that’s not the case. Satoshi is used to measure the transaction fee in both versions because a Bitcoin fee isn’t measured in dollars. 

So, that’s all from the topic “Bitcoin Cash Trading,” and we believe that this guide has helped you in knowing a lot about “Bitcoin Cash Trading.”

But, if there’s still any question that is haunting you, then you can contact us right now because we are always ready to answer your questions.


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