Top 6 world news: Chinese military drills in Taiwan strait, Bilawal Bhutto speaks to WION, and more - Dailyforextrading

Top 6 world news: Chinese military drills in Taiwan strait, Bilawal Bhutto speaks to WION, and more - Dailyforextrading

Chinese military exercise is set to start on Saturday amid simmering tensions over Taiwan. China considers Taiwan as a breakaway province which it has vowed to seize by force if necessary.


In another, Zardari was speaking to WION’s Anas Mallick in Tashkent after the conclusion of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) Foreign Ministers Meeting.

When asked about engagement with India, the Pakistani foreign minister said that “India is our neighbor, unfortunately, you can not change your neighbor. You can choose a lot of other things in life but not your neighbor.”

Ahead of Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, China to begin military drills in Taiwan Strait

Ahead of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s proposed visit, China said it would hold live-fire military drills in the Taiwan Strait. Reports claimed USS Roland Reagan aircraft carrier sailed near the Fiery Cross Reef in the South China Sea close to Chinese warships with the Chinese navy reportedly monitoring the activities of the US warship.

Exclusive: India is a neighbor, we cannot choose our neighbors: Pakistan FM Bilawal Bhutto Zardari to WION

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Friday (July 29), spoke exclusively to WION in Tashkent and said that there is no substance to former PM Imran Khan’s claim that current government’s foreign policy vis-a-vis America lacked substance. Bhutto Zardari said that the focus of the government is on enhancing economic co-operation with all the countries.

Spain reports second monkeypox-related death within 24 hours as cases continue to rise

The monkeypox cases continue to grow in Europe as Spain reported its second death in Spain, one day after the country experienced the first fatality linked to the outbreak.

It was regarded as the first monkeypox-related death in Europe and second overall after a person died in Brazil. "Among the 3,750 patients... 120 have been hospitalized and two have died," the Spanish health ministry said in a report, according to AFP.

Although the exact time of death was not announced, the authorities said that the victims were "two young men" and they are gathering "epidemiologic information".


Pope refers to abuse of indigenous people in Canada as 'genocide'

Pope Francis said that he needs to cut down his pace of travel and may even quit as he returned from a six-day trip, calling the decades-long abuse of Indigenous youngsters in Canada "genocide."

The 85-year-old pope extended a historic apology to the First Nations, Metis, and Inuit people for what he called the "evil" carried out at Catholic-run residential schools during his "penitential pilgrimage" across Canada this week.

Protesters storm Iraqi parliament for second time in a week amid growing unrest

The Iraqi parliament was breached for the second time in a week as supporters of cleric Moqtada Sadr held demonstrations in protest of the newly formed government.

In the elections which were held last year, Al-Sadr’s bloc was the biggest faction in the parliament but fell short of securing a majority and the uncertainty over a stable government was finally resolved with a vote scheduled to elect Mohammed Shia al-Sudani as the Prime Minister.

However, the protesters were not happy with the pro-Iran Coordination Framework’s pick and the demonstrations were an immediate result.

Russia halts gas supply to Latvia following deadly prison attack

A day after a prison housing Ukrainian prisoners of war was attacked, the Russian energy giant Gazprom on Saturday stopped supplying gas to Latvia, leaving scores of people dead. On Wednesday, Gazprom sharply reduced gas deliveries to Europe through the Nord Stream pipeline to around 20 per cent of its capacity. In June, it repeatedly cut gas deliveries to Europe.


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