Today News: BTC/USD [21 OCT 2021] - DailyForexTrading.Net

Today News: BTC/USD [21 OCT 2021] - DailyForexTrading.Net



The Bitcoin cryptocurrency has edged higher by 56%

against the US Dollar since September 30.

The cryptocurrency pair breached the $64K mark

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Bitcoin leads large-cap altcoin
dominance charge 

Bitcoin has regained dominance of the market in recent times.

The price of the digital asset has recovered to previous

highs with less than 1% remaining to exceed

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Peter Thiel says bitcoin at
$60,000 is a sure sign

The US political system is not sustainable and the

skyrocketing price of the decentralized

cryptocurrency bitcoin underscores that point

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Bitcoin rises to $64.6K

Bitcoin (BTC-USD) jumps to $64.6K, its highest since April

and poised to overtake $64.8K, its all-time high

pushing up the price of a number

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Bitcoin sets new record above
$66K as market cheers 

Bitcoin rallied to a fresh record high above $65,000

on Wednesday, as excitement over its first exchange-traded

fund(ETF) — and another soon to come — reached a fever pitch.

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