New Addition: Available Stock Trade Amazon, Tesla, Apple with FBS Trader APP

New Addition: Available Stock Trade Amazon, Tesla, Apple with FBS Trader APP


A new trading door is knocking!!! 

"FBS Added Stocks in FBS Trader App" (Amazon, Tesla, Netflix etc)

Very amazed, right?

We're going to help you completely know the newly added Stocks in FBS Trader APP. So, let's celebrate together with the new innovation of FBS Trader (Mobile Application).

New Innovation: FBS Trader APP 2021

FBS, the most progressive broker in Europe opened new trading instruments for European customers. From here on out, traders can trade corporate monster' stocks altogether in-one trading platform FBS Trader. 

The concept is very clear, Tesla, Amazon, Apple, and another grand variety of stocks are currently added and accessible to trade directly from the FBS application (APP)!

The name of the app is "FBS Trader" where trader permits quick trading from a cell phone utilizing convenient Forex instruments from anyplace whenever. It is focused on traders of various levels. From rookies to specialists, anybody discovers essential instruments and simple sensible devices for helpful and proficient trading with a reliable broker. 

We acclaimed that Stock trading is a very viewpoint approach to investigate the financial markets and here" FBS Trader" APP gives you a huge number of chances for trading on high-speed unpredictability. We hope this new opportunity makes sense to get an advanced trading journey with FBS.

To be fair, with solid instructive help from the main FBS investigators even traders with zero background in stock trading get an opportunity to build up their abilities directly in the application and show noteworthy execution results. 

FBS Trader –  no doubt, this trading APP has all a smart trader requires to stay aware of the evolving changing markets. Besides, you'll get daily signals from expert ones where you'll see what's action you have to move with. The path you'll follow is very clear, just follow the real-time charts and statistics and stay with the right moment to open or close an order. 

Do not forget, you have a reliable broker by your side always.

About FBS Broker

When it comes to “choosing Forex broker ” you have so many options to look for and guess what? FBS Broker is one of them. However, if you end up investing in something that’s not worth it, then you won’t be investing in any business because of “Fear.”

"FBS broker provides you super-fast trade execution within 0.40 seconds for 95% of trades"

When talking about the History, FBS Broker came into being in 2009 and started to gain the fame and respect it richly deserved. After the launch, they started to witness 7000 daily investors joining the table and trusting the “FBS Group” all for good reasons.

They started targeting the Forex Market in the beginning, but after achieving so many investors (13 million traders), they inaugurated CFDs, Stock Exchange and a lot more to invest.

FBS is regulated by:

  • Cyprus Security and Exchange Commission (CSEC)
  • International Financial Services Commission (IFSC)

But, that doesn’t mean “FBS” is free from the criticism, they are receiving hundreds of reviews on a daily basis, and they are working to improve it.

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